Secure Your Brand With An Updated Uniform Look

Security Uniforms
Security Uniforms

By Dan Mendelson

If you haven’t updated your uniform program in a while, you may be putting your company at a disadvantage. A strong brand can be invaluable in breaking through the clutter in today’s competitive environment.

Uniforms can augment how your company is perceived. Customers have become ever more selective in their buying habits; their options are numerous. A strong uniform program can open doors. When your officers look great at every site and potential clients observe them during even casual visits to a building you cover, you’ve improved chances of being considered for their next bid list.

The good news is that quality, updated uniform programs don’t have to break the bank. They’re available at all price points, if you know what to look for. Here are some items to consider:

Select the Appropriate Look

Generally speaking, white collar businesses opt for officers in suits or at a minimum, blazers and pressed slacks. In some facilities, the power approach or more authoritarian look of a military-type or patrol officer uniform will make a better impression.

Shop Quality, Then Price

Many uniforms look great the first day they’re worn. However, the difference between garments made with cheap fabric with poor workmanship becomes visible after only a few wearings and certainly after a few cleanings. Lower quality garments often cost more than quality uniforms because they need to be replaced frequently. Officers complain that they shrink, fray and are uncomfortable because they don’t fit well. The overall image, that critical branding element does not live up to the investment you are making even during the short run.

Shop Comfort, Functionality

Thanks to technology, now quality security uniforms are more func-tional and comfortable than their predecessors. Many fabrics also feature stain resistance and easy care properties that add to their durability and longevity. Shirts can wick away moisture, protect the wearer from harmful UV rays, and even serve as a defense against harmful bacteria.

Shop Durability to meet Tough Job Requirements

Guards frequently bend, lift and are involved in other repetitive movements that can take a toll on the body as well as the clothing they wear. High quality uniforms can complement the job require-ments, stay comfortable over time and still look outstanding.

The benefits of having your security officers retain a clean, sharp, and professional look can help your business grow. Talk with your uniform supplier to find the garments that are right for you.

Dan Mendelson is president of UnitexDirect. For a free copy of his White Paper on uniforming, please email: .

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