The security industry is in a constant state of evolution. To protect the integrity and advance the professionalism of the CPP™, PCI™, and PSP™ designations, the Professional Certification Board (PCB) mandates that all holders of ASIS certifications pursue professional development and continuing education in order to maintain proficiency and credibility.

Recertification requirements established by the PCB involve obtaining a specified number of credits, in areas such as education, training, teaching, and volunteer leadership in security and business management associations. The PCB will review and revise activities approved for credit as appropriate.

Recertification activity reports must be submitted to the Certification Program Office every three years for holders of the CPP™ and PCI™ designations, and every two years for holders of the PSP™ designation. All certificants may submit credit reporting forms with accompanying documentation at any time during their terms, and are encouraged to do so on an annual basis. Recertification Dates

Recertification Credit Guide

Report Your Recertification Credits

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