Physical Security Professional (PSP™)

Today’s employers want highly-trained professionals who have solid, hands-on experience with both current and emerging security technologies and solutions. This means that there are multiple areas in which physical security specialists must be knowledgeable.

The physical security certification will separate those who have this technical background from those who do not, giving them that professional edge.

The physical security examination is targeted to security professionals whose primary responsibility is to conduct threat surveys; design integrated security systems that include equipment, procedures, and people; or install, operate, and maintain those systems. The test consists of multiple-choice questions covering tasks, knowledge, and skills in:

  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Selection of Integrated Physical Security Measures
  • Implementation of Physical Security Measures


Candidates wishing to take the PSP™ examination must first satisfy the following requirements:

Experience and Education

1. Five (5) years of experience in the physical security field

2. High school diploma or GED equivalent

3. The applicant must not have been convicted of any criminal offense that would reflect negatively on the security profession, ASIS, or the certification program.

All ASIS programs comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All ASIS programs are non-discriminatory. Eligibility for PSP™ certification and recertification is denied only when an applicant does not meet relevant security-related criteria, when an applicant has violated the PSP™ Code of Professional Responsibility, or when an applicant has committed an act that would reflect negatively on ASIS and the PSP™ program.

Definition of Terms

  1. “Physical Security” means the various physical measures designed to safeguard personnel, property, and information.
  2. “Experience” means that the individual has been personally engaged in the physical security field on a full-time basis, or as his or her primary duty. Included is:
    1. Experience as a security practitioner in the protection of assets in the public or private sector
    2. Experience with companies, associations, government, or other organizations furnishing services or equipment, including consulting firms, provided the duties and responsibilities substantively relate to physical security.
    3. Experience as a full-time educator on the faculty of an accredited educational institution provided the responsibilities for courses and other duties relate primarily to knowledge areas pertinent to the operation of physical security program in the public or private sectors.

Successful Completion of Exam

An examination is required for all applicants who meet the experience and/or education and responsible charge criteria. Candidates must pass the examination to achieve the PSP™ designation.

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