Recap of the April 26 Chapter Meeting

By Maire Harrington
Chapter Writer


Prosecutor:  What makes you special?

Dan McCaffrey: “My mother made me special, the FBI made me a Special Agent” Actual Court Testimony


That quote falls under the rubric of you cannot make this stuff up. Anyone from law enforcement involved in court proceedings learns quickly that prosecutors do their best to make law enforcement professionals sound foolish or get flustered while on the stand. Dan McCaffrey was a seasoned veteran and he was well able to handle that rather snarky question.


Dan McCaffrey was the guest speaker at the April 26, 2019, meeting of the NYC Chapter at Rosie O’Grady’s. It is an arduous task to sum up all of the info that he related to the chapter, as he is a man with several areas of expertise. At one point, Don Francisco inquired about a crying room. Now it may be assumed that there is a room within FBI HQ where an individual may be left to contemplate their fate, which may include serving a lengthy stay in Leavenworth.  However, the crying room is located in the iconic Tiffany store in Manhattan. Apparently, some jewelry gifts are placed in the iconic little blue Tiffany boxes that were not purchased at Tiffany only to the disappointment of the recipient when returned for service. Thus, the crying room.


Why would a guest speaker of the chapter be relating stories about jewelry?  Dan started his career at Tiffany in NYC. His fascination with jewels led him to this famous shop, where he gained a thorough understanding about gems and sophisticated jewel heists. He decided to share this rather esoteric (at least to most law enforcement agencies) knowledge for the public good by joining the ranks of the FBI. Agents were trained by Dan and these agents in turn trained and work with local police departments. Dan single-handedly advanced the ability of law enforcement both here in the US and by forming congenial relationships with agencies such as Interpol, to apprehend jewel thieves worldwide.


Dan retired from the FBI and is now the Director of Security at Rolex USA. Although he did not have any samples for the attendees, he provided many gems of information and several good laughs as well.


Dan McCaffrey  receives speaker award from Chairman Don Francisco and Brian Reich

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