Policy Statement, Advertiser Guidelines and Distribution

Policy Statement

Security Director magazine (Publisher) reserves the right to review and restrict any advertising which the magazine’s Editorial Board does not believe is in the best interest of the publication, ASIS members or other readers. Solicitations for membership, subscribership, products or services, in conflict with Security Director magazine or its mission and purpose, will not be accepted.

Advertiser Guidelines

Verbal agreements are not recognized until confirmed in writing using the Advertising Insertion Order to the left, together with credit card payment information.

Advertisers and advertising agencies agree to indemnify, defend and save the ASIS NYC Chapter from any and all liability for content (including text, illustrations, representatives, sketches, maps, trademarks, labels and other copyrighted material), advertisements printed or the unauthorized use of any person’s name or photograph arising from Security Director’s reproduction and publishing of such advertisement pursuant to the advertiser’s or agency’s order. In any case, Security Director magazine’s liability shall be limited to the advertisement insertion cost.

Security Director reserves the right to reject, discontinue or omit any advertising or any part thereof. This right shall not be deemed to have been waived by acceptance or actual use of any advertising matter. Acceptance of advertising for any product or service is subject to investigation of the product or service and of the claims made for it in the advertisement submitted for publication.

The forwarding of an order is construed as an acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising is sold. No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on the space order, billing instructions or copy instructions that conflict with Security Director’s policies will be binding for the Publisher.

Security Director is not liable for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of an Act of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strike, etc.

The Publisher reserves the right to place the word “Advertisement” with copy, that in the Publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter.


Security Director magazine is a publication of ASIS International, New York City Chapter. It is given to each attendee at the Chapter’s Javits Center Security Expo, made available to members of the Chapter at monthly Chapter luncheons and events and put on the Chapter’s website. Additional copies of the publication are also distributed to security professionals outside the New York Metropolitan area. Some issues are distributed for promotional purposes.

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