January 19th Chapter Meeting Recap

By Marie Harrington
Chapter Writer


The Manhattan Room at Rosie O’Grady’s was packed with chapter members  and their guests to witness the instillation of the incoming board of directors. Lynn Brown, outgoing chairman performed the honors. The new chairman, Don Francisco, thanked Lynn and acknowledged that he would be standing on strong shoulders.  Don related his journey with ASIS and announced the stimulating events that are planned for the coming year.


Don Francisco’s two lovely daughters, Jaclyn and Nicole were on hand to share their dad’s success.  The chapter presented them with two beautiful bouquets.




Steve Sacchetti, who incidentally was also voted to be the best dressed board member, will serve as vice chairman. Brian H. Reich will serve as treasurer and Manny Gomez as secretary. Lynn Brown will now be a valued member of the advisory board.



Don Francisco, new chapter chairman, presented Lynn Brown with a golden gavel plaque for serving the chapter so capably and tirelessly during his term as chairman.


Chapter events held at the Manhattan Club located in Rosie O’Grady’s would never leave an attendee hungry or thirsty.  The banquet captain and the bartender made certain of that.


If there is anyone who has obtained ASIS Certification, please notify the chapter.  Allow your hard work to be shared and celebrated.

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