February 2019 Luncheon Recap

By Marie Harrington
Chapter Writer

“By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail”

Ben Franklin

“It is an Investment in Your Future”

Vince Amadeo


Although Ben Franklin may have uttered the first quotation in the 18th century, our guest speaker, Vince Amadeo illustrated the wisdom of this proverb.  Vince discussed the many initiatives and programs that marry the interests of both law enforcement agencies and the private security sector.  His previous employment as the Commanding Officer of the NYPD Shield Program enabled him to share some of the knowledge and expertise that he gained there.


Vince mentioned the need for workplaces to hold tabletop exercises, and the necessity for one of these was certainly illustrated by the shooting that occurred on February ,15th in Aurora, Illinois.  Workplaces need to address termination of employment procedures.


Several times during his talk, Vince used terms about investing in your future.  Attending ASIS Chapter meetings, joining ASIS International and availing yourself of all the other security organizations will help you advance within the security industry. It is a multifaceted and rapidly growing industry.  There is always something to learn.


The ASIS NYC Chapter welcomed some newcomers.  Hopefully, they will invest in their future.


Vince Ameado Receives Speaker Award from Chairman Don Francisco


Our hostess at Rosie’s, Mary Burke, along with all of her staff, once again provided us with a delicious sit-down lunch which is quite a task to turn out that many meals at the same time. Ronnie Cabrera, was our mixologist.






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