ASIS NYC Young March 2017 Professionals Event

When: Thursday, March 16, 2017
Location: Berkeley College, 12 East 41st. New York, NY 10017 (between 5th and Madison Ave.)
Time: 5:30pm-6pm Networking
Speaker: 6pm-7pm follow by Networking
Guest Speaker: Thomas Ryan, Software Security Solutions Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Topic: Internet of Things, The Convergence of cyber and physical security


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Guest Speaker Bio
Thomas Ryan, Software Security Solutions Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Thomas Ryan is seasoned security expert with over 20 years’ experience currently working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security. Prior to HP Enterprise, Mr. Ryan, the co-founder and Partner of Provide Security, a boutique cyber security firm focused on the convergence of cyber and physical security.  The company was founded the company in 2009, in response to the rapidly growing demand for cyber security professionals in the world of increasing internet-based attacks, social media threats and cyber espionage.  In 2010, Mr. Ryan was widely recognized for the, "Robin Sage Experiment."  Through this experiment, Mr. Ryan drew the attention of professionals around the world as they were awakened by the dangers of social media today.  After creating a fictional persona online, Ryan's experiment proved how seemingly harmless details via social networking sites could be destructive to both an individual's protection and corporation's security as well.  Today, Mr. Ryan has expanded on his research to create customized programs to assist large corporations across industries to protect themselves from the risks that exist online today.


Prior to founding Provide Security, Mr. Ryan had worked for such organizations as Scholastic, Altria, The City of New York, Verisign, Foundstone, Cigital, as well building teams for NET2S (now BT-NET2S) and Vigilar (Intense School). As an independent consultant, Mr. Ryan has functioned as an ethical hacking instructor for various military and government agencies. Mr. Ryan's passion for information security has led to his involvement as Chapter Vice President for OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) NY in 2004 and Board Member for NJ Chapter in 2005.  His contributions include participating as a co-author of the OWASP Testing Guide, and speaking at several industry conferences including the BLACKHAT, OWASP, INFRAGARD, ASIS, ICCS, HTCIA and ISSA.



  • Speaking Engagements
    • Keynote Speaker at Palantir Night Live
    • Speaker at IAEFE Conference, FBI ICCS Events, OWASP Conferences & Meetings, INFRAGARD meetings, ASIS Meetings
    • Private Conferences at The SPY Museum
    • Private Conferences at Three Letter Agencies & Ally Global Agencies
  • Media & Publications
    • Robin Sage Experiment (Getting In Bed with Robin Sage)
    • Co-Author of “The OWASP Testing Guide”
    • Appearances on FOX News
    • Front Page of Washington Times
    • Articles in Dark Reading, CSO, Network World, Computer World, Forbes, Wire & Many Other Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs
  • Awards
    • C3 Excellence Award from Police Services of Northern Ireland (2013)
    • Letter of Appreciation from US Army INSCOM (2012)
    • Letter of Appreciation from Europol (2011)
    • Technical Excellence Award from Office of Technical Services (2011)
    • Letter of Appreciation from Center for Study of Intelligence (2011)

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