Active Shooter Symposium Recap

By Marie Harrington
Chapter Writer


Security is Everyone’s Business


The Active Shooter Security Symposium that the NYC Chapter hosted on March 22, 2019 at the world-renowned Museum of Modern Art was a conference that should not have been missed.  New Yorkers never do things in a small way and the symposium was attended by an excess of 200 individuals, either employed or interested in, all phases of the ever more essential and expanding security industry. The NYC Chapter gathered an incredible line up of distinguished security professionals to share their extensive knowledge with all that were fortunate to attend. The event was held in the Titus 1 Theater, the largest of the two theaters housed within MoMA. Art Food Catering provided a continental breakfast before the conference began. 


Daniel Platt, the Director of Security for MoMA, was instrumental in securing the space for the symposium. Matt Peters, from Gavin deBecker and Associates, organized the event. Thank you for making this a memorable event.


After opening comments from Chapter Chairman, Don Francisco, Steve Sacchetti, Chapter Vice Chairman took the helm. James Hamilton, from Gavin deBecker and Associates, was the first speaker. James served with the FBI for 17 years. While there, James developed training programs still being utilized by the NYPD, the NSA, the FBI and other governmental agencies.  James focused on steps useful for preventing workplace violence by focusing on pre-incident behavioral patterns. Threats may be from internal sources who would be familiar with the physical layout of the area. James believes that run, hide and fight training needs to expanded as each situation may need a different survival technique. Survival awareness is what is necessary. 


Dan Ryan, from Brookfield Properties, spoke about workplace shootings that occurred on Brookfield properties. Dan focused on a shooting in sprwaling suburban mall. Brookfield developed a comprehensive plan for managing the many, diverse challenges that these shootings require. The fallout from these incidents is mind-boggling. Brookfield gave much needed support to the victims and their families as well as to the community at large. The marketing team even arranged a space and a method for the public to leave memorial messages. Brookfield also went into herculean overdrive to damage to the property. Dan shared actual footage from the shooting incident. The reactions of those out shopping and not expecting to hear gun fire was viewed in real time. That was truly a learning experience.


A panel discussion was the third event of the symposium. The expertise of the 3 panelists was incredible to have in one event, and the NYC Chapter does not disappoint. Diego Rodriguez is the Vice President of Security and Emergency Management at New York Presbyterian, Jerome Pickett is the Executive Vice President and CSO of the National Basketball Association and Philip Halpin is the Senior Vice President for Global Security at Brown Brothers Harriman. It would be difficult to summarize all that was discussed. One of the most salient topics discussed was how to obtain more resources for your security departments. 


The chapter will be hosting other events, so please support these endeavors. There is always something new to be learned.


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