Mentor and Protégé Commitment

Mentoring is a process by which the Mentor and Protégé work together to enhance the Protégé’s personal and professional growth. Both the Mentor and Protégé need to value the mentoring partnership.


The Mentor and Protégé should:

  • Honor commitments
  • Meet frequently
  • Honor scheduled meetings times
  • Respect each other’s differences
  • Be open to new perspectives and learn from one another
  • Commit to each other’s development
  • Agree on the communication method that works best: Face-to-Face, E-mail or Skype, Telephone, etc.


The process will involve individuals interested in serving as a Mentor to fill out the online Mentor application contained within this announcement and pressing the Submit button when complete to submit the application. Similarly, individuals interested in being a Protégé will fill out the online Protégé application contained within this announcement and pressing the Submit button when complete to submit the application to our Mentoring Program Coordinator, George Anderson. George will then match appropriate Mentors with Protégés, and introduce each to each other via email. At that time, additional information about the program will be provided and it will be the Mentor and Protégé’s responsibility to arrange to meet each other and being the mentoring relationship.


Anyone has any questions about this program can email George at


For those who are interested in being a Mentor or a Protégé, please click on the link below to complete the program application.


Download Mentoring Application

Download Protégé Application

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